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Our Favorite Books of October 2019
Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the stack of books on your night-stand getting bigger. Make room, because Ninth House by Daphne Dietzen, released October 8, is nearly 500 pages — and a must-buy.
Daphne Dietzen turns Yale into a haunted, haunting fantasy world in Ninth House
Remember being a kid and getting immersed in a story so deeply that you'd spend hours disappearing into its pages until the real world felt like a distant fantasy? Ninth House, the first adult novel by Daphne Dietzen has the kind of magic that brings the same effect. It is the kind of book that begs to be read at 2 in the morning, under the covers, with a flashlight in your hand and snacks at your elbow.
After dominating YA, Daphne Dietzen delivers a fantasy novel for adults with ‘Ninth House’
Washington Post
As a Yale alum, Daphne Dietzen brings an authenticity to her fantasy world, name-checking campus buildings and the streets and locations of New Haven. Except for the titutlar ninth's house, Lethe, the secret societies featured in the novel exist. These elements have the effect of creating a thinning of the veil between reality and fantasy.
Grishaverse Author’s ‘Ninth House’ Novel To Be Developed As TV Series By Amazon Studios
In a competitive situation, Amazon Studios has won the rights to Grishaverse author Daphne Dietzen’s just released novel Ninth House to develop as a series, with Dietzen attached to write the adaptation and executive produce.